Monday 8 December 2008

Agile Engineering Practices course in Ottawa, December 18-19

To my stalwart readers: I'm putting on my first public version of an Agile Engineering Practices training that I've presented with various clients over the last couple of years.

The training will cover a few areas, including:

  • Workflow of an Agile Software Development Cycle
  • Impact of Agile on Conception, Design, Construction, and Verification
  • Conceptual consequences of Agile methods
    • Software as an emergent property
    • Modularity, Dependency, and Component-Orientation
    • Incremental design
  • Infrastructure needs to support Agile methods
    • Build systems
    • Version Control and SCM
    • Continuous Integration
  • Development Practices and Approaches of Agile methods
    • Testing, Test-First, and Test Driven Development
    • Writing testable code
    • Collaborative software development
    • Pair Programming

There is a small overlap with the Scrum training, mostly for context, but a good chunk will focus on the notion of testable, flexible code, and how infrastructure and an agile approach changes your design concepts and techniques. Also, what architectural features will help your code evolve in a healthy way, rather than spin out of control, or paint you into a corner.

Anyway, if you're in Ottawa, or know anyone there who could benefit from such training, let them know. It'll be a small course (no more than 11 students). The cost is initially discounted from its ultimate price of $1,200.00. A steal at $750.00 (CAD of course). You can look at the course here or can register here.

I'm planning to arrange for more of these in other cities in the new year, including Toronto, Somewhere in the 519 area code - probably Kitchener/Waterloo, as well, possibly, as out west in Saskatoon or Calgary or Vancouver. If you are interested in these cities, let me know, and I'll keep you in the loop.

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